Ball valve grinding machines series SAPORITI PV suitable for the precise grinding of ball of valves in steel or coated by satellite, ceramics CBN or others materials. These machines come in different sizes to work a really complete valve range: from 1” to 64”. The smaller machine size is for balls up to 250 mm in diameter (the SAPORITI PV250) and the larger it is for balls up to 2500 mm (SAPORITI PV2400). All the machines are equipped by Renishaw with Saporiti customized software for the easy centring of the tool with the ball.
The electronic is Siemens with the latest generation Torque sealed motors and the CNC 840D. Relevant filters and cooling system allow to keep the workpiece temperature quite constant to assure the best precision. These grinders allow high roundness (better than 0.01 mmm) and a very good surface finishing (better than Ra 0.2) as the movement are on precision roller guideways and there is a controlled Y axis for the grinding head.

SAPORITI PV250 Suitable for ball with a max OD of 250 mm. (working range: balls from 1” up to 6”).
The tool has 60° inclination for the easy flow of the coolant and the grinding powder. Moreover allow an easier view at the operator.
The max. tool spindle speed is Rpm 10000. The Y axis has a shifting of ± 2 mm.
The machine is equipped by relevant filter of Ltr 2000.
Machine Weight is Kg 13000 Approx.

The ball valve grinding machine SAPORITI PV500 is an extremely innovative machine. Construction layout: the grinding wheel head is 60 degrees inclined as to the horizontal surface to give the operator a better view of the machining operations and to let the coolant easily fall down; the machine bed is a strong fabricated structure, its shape is designed to easily convey the grinding swarf to a large filter thus keeping the machine clean, which is very important during grinding; the machine case is completely made of stainless steel to avoid damage to filters caused by paint residues. Technical solutions: motors with closed cooling systems to reduce noise and failures caused by large quantities of coolant; guide roller pads for high precision and best surface finish; CNC-controlled Y axis with micrometric movement; Renishaw tracer for perfect centering of the grinding wheel on the workpiece.
These machines have version XD and XL to work balls with passage form 2″ up to 16″ (XD version). Standard machine can work up to 500 mm XD version up to 595 mm OD.

The SAPORITI PV 1000 ball valve grinding machines can machine balls up to 1100 mm in diameter then are suitables for balls from 10″ up to even 30″ ID.
Some important features are:
– High machine weight and rigidity which permits precise roundness accuracy up to 10 µ
– Roller sliders guideways on all axes for long machine life, accuracy and surface finish to Ra 0.2 or better.
– Sealed water cooled motors allow the use of large coolant quantity (also through spindle) to keep the grinding pads clean and at a constant temperature
– Perfect centering is achieved with the use of the “Renishaw” probe, either external or internal.
– The grinding wheel can cover a range of diameters and can fit either grinding or diamond pads.
The machines was studied especially to works balls with metal to metal seals and is also suitable to work balls coated by others materials as satellite, ceramics etc.

This series include machine suitable to grind balls up to 1600 mm, up to 1800 mm, 2200 mm and the biggest can reach 2500 mm (64”) balls.
This series have a big protection structure in stainless steel to protect operators and to contains the working fluids.
A Renishaw probe and the customized software Saporiti allow the operator the easy centering between tool and ball by the micro movement of the Y axis.
Main features of these machines are the rigid structure, the relevant roller guideways used on the axis, the grinding wheel inclination.
Only one wheel can be used for different diameters.
High accuracy in roundness and surface finishing can be obtained by these grinders.
The same machine and grinding too can be used for standard steel balls and for balls hard coated by any material (as satellite, ceramics CBN)

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